“Alexa, what is the best pumice stone?” No response. Firstly, no one’s there because you don’t own one {you care about your privacy way too much}, and two, it can’t read out a full blog post.

So, here you are reading yet another article on pumice stone, but this isn’t your ordinary how-to guide. I will take you on a journey from the dark ages to the 21st century to give you an idea of what this wondrous and mystical stone can do for you.


For you to know the magical benefits of this stone, getting an origin story {thank you, stan lee} wouldn’t hurt.

If we look at Greek mythology, it will probably tell you how the gods gifted them with this wondrous stone during Vulcan and Venus’s gods’ unification.

A quick search on google will tell you that pumice is formed when super-heated, highly pressurized lava is violently ejected from a volcano into air/water. It cools so fast that these gases got trapped into little bubbles found all over the stone.

Sounds pretty cool, right? In Pompeii, it “rained “ash and pumice from the nearby active volcano for a straight 24 hours burying the town. The only survivor was a ten-year-old “Pliny the younger” talk about an extreme survivor. There is something to wow your friends with during dinner.


Okay, I have to get this out of the way as soon as possible. The goddess Aphrodite did not create millions of perfectly shaped pumices for millions of people to use it as much as that would make me sleep better at night. It simply isn’t plausible.

There are two types; human-made pumice and gathered stones.

Chances are the perfectly shaped stone you got your mom for her birthday is human-made. There is nothing wrong with it, but I’m more of a purest.

Human-made/artificial pumice was made by mixing particles made up of glass with sand and basalt mixed in with calcium or magnesium carbonate. It seems like a lot, but basically, it’s many chemicals mixed to give you a pumice stone.

That might give you the heebie-jeebies. You might feel its best to go the natural route; however, please note that artificial pumice takes up less shipping and storage costs, thereby making it exceptionally eco-friendly.

I would say I am more of a natural girl, even though I still use deodorants even though they have aluminum in them. I believe that mother nature has given us everything we need.

Plus, my thrifted denim will always have that cool distressed look. My pumice stone  plays a huge part. Okay, Carol. Now you know



Is it true that feet are the new windows to the soul? Okay, I might have stretched that out a bit, but who doesn’t love pretty feet {yes even those creepy guys on craigslist know what’s up.}

You can do this either in your living room or bedroom. Take your footbath, your trustee pumice stone, oils, and get ready to have adorable tootsies. For your convenience, you can plug it in near you, be careful not to get zapped.

Start by soaking your feet; I usually use this time to overthink my life but the dealer’s choice. Right? When you’re ready to start sloughing off the yummy goodness, pat dry and start rubbing in a circular motion, be as light-handed as you possibly can.

Pay extra attention to heels and sides, as this is where most of the callouses are present. Pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

When done, rinse your pumice stone in some apple cider and or with a toothbrush and let it dry. So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the most common use for a pumice stone but not the only one as you will see down below.

At-home manicures.

Similar to the pedicure, you can quickly go in with your stone for this home manicure. You can do this either for yourself or your partner {extra bonus points for you}.

You want to fill up a small basin, lay down a towel on your thighs, get your little kit out and go to town.

If you have the time, you can file, cut, and give your nails a new polish afterward.

You are welcome.

I think it’s only fair I let you in on a secret, I barely use my pumice stone for the traditional use. I know I’m a bit of a bad girl. When I started on this journey, like everyone else, I walked the paved road, but I have to tell you it’s kind of nice to realize there are other ways of using this stone.

One of the ways that I learned from a friend was using pumice to distress jeans. With all my stories, I have to set a mood.

Okay, so it’s Saturday night; you’ve gotten well-fitting jeans in the mail. They look kind of cool, but they are missing something.

No, it’s not the fact that women’s jeans lack pockets {thanks a lot Zara}. It’s that they don’t give you that oomph that the thrifted distressed mom jeans do. What you want to do is go in with your stone; be careful not to heavy-handed distress the shit out of it. Afterward, throw them in the wash; we don’t want stone cracking jokes where they shouldn’t.

Before I can leave you to your extensive knowledge on pumice stones, I have a fun little did you know.

Did you know that in ancient China, the doctors would use ground up mica, pumice fossilized bones, and tea and make a concoction used to treat stomach ulcers and other ailments?

It might sound bat shit crazy to drink tea but let’s not judge. It was in ancient times.

I can only hope that with this knowledge, you will go forth and spread the word on the mythical pumice stone as with great experience comes great responsibility,

Yes, I had to end with that cliché.


Quaking Aspen

quaking aspen trees are a prolific design. This year’s pond marks a great year for quaking aspen in Kern County and beyond. These colorful, high-growing ponderosa pine trees produce cones along with cones in years where other trees simply don’t have enough cones to match.

To find all the quaking aspen trees in Kern County and beyond, search our site to see if a species is listed. In the South Coast, Ipomoea species are big trees in the mountains of south-central and south-central California that are especially good at producing blue and green sap, and a great way to find specific species and their optimum positions is to search for their name.

For example, Ipomoea trifolia is the best color, color of sap and acheivement tree for San Diego County, but is also the best tree for Kern County. Try the above search string and you’ll see the tree can be found in Siskiyou County as well.

View photos from last year’s pond 2017

AQ TREE: UNSUCKED. Jade white, trunk grows 7 feet high and spans 3 feet wide. Each beam has one to three silver-white nuts which are used to make a sweet mead that’s just about everyone’s favorite.

BAY BETTEN’S PRIVATE RIVER HARP: An amazingly big, spectacular blue and green beauty, prone to eye-watering lines and reddish foliage. Yellow-gray leaves upturned, limbs thickly covering with a reddish light. Entire form green but leaves can be changed to bright pink. Tree is perhaps the biggest or the most spectacular of all the Bay Betten’s harp. At 10 feet in circumference with a height of nearly 20 feet, and a width of almost 10 feet, it’s easily the biggest of the genus.

BUCKEYES: See how similar to swamp privet (Pruvetia racemosa) these trees are in other pics! Tropical hardwoods grown in temperate locations.

CHILDREN’S BUCKEYES: Boys, The boys in the oak trees and other associated trees were Quaking Aspen. Their tree to plant order of some sorts will be provided.

CONNONQUAINT: Dark green leaves and yellow blotches along branches and trunk in spring. Straight trunk

What is a quaking aspen?

Quaking aspens are only found in the Pacific Northwest. They are sometimes called chinaberry trees, and their flower is called a Chinaberry bush.

Cacti are related to palms and may be said to be one of the sister groups of palms. They can grow to a height of about 20 feet and the diameter can vary from 4 to 7 feet. They are found along the edges of gravel streams, tributaries and shorelines. They are commonly called “Cactus Family” because they are so similar to Cacti.

Common names include:

“short aspen”. All the common names are an informal one. They don’t all mean the same thing.

Quaking aspen. A widespread, fairly uncommon name for the single-stemmed aspen. It was formerly said to be “ocean island of the Northern Pacific,” until the 20th century. In a rural area in Hawaii, the name is applied to numerous trees.

Common names: Chinaberry. May be applied to a single staminate flower that looks like a cluster of moons. It’s a Chinaberry bush with a single stalk that is mostly heart shaped with a row of leaves.

Common name: Quaking aspen. A native of America, the quaking aspen is now found all over the United States, Australia, and Europe. This short-stemmed tree has a faint resemblance to quercus and cypress. These names are inaccurate because their plant is different from the quercus and cypress. Some come from the typical rattlesnake that rattles them, others from the species name, simply known as Quaking.

Quaking redbud. Another American species. The Quaking redbud, is a quadrangular pattern of 12-25 (plus or minus 4) sinuous ridges (stippled lines).

Quaking or “bodacious” aspen. This one comes from America. It is more resemble the common name of a rocket than the common name of a quaking aspen. A totally different tree, it has no lobes at all.

Quaking oaks. A single-stemmed tree, with long or widely spaced, heart-shaped leaf nodes. 

how to propagate quaking aspen trees

If you want to propagate quaking aspen trees but don’t want to risk the and it is really easy to do, then you can extend the upper part of your drip line. to accomplish this, you will cut a big ol’ hole in your drip line like so:

then you can extend the line all the way up to your overstorey. the drip line will stay in place just fine because it is already extended to its maximum, and if there is anything in it, it will not disturb the quaking aspen trees. because the overstorey is already in its deepest place and the drip line is starting to get an inch or so above the top of the overstorey.

so, if you want to get some bounce back from your plants, you might want to try this. it is a very easy and really fun thing to do for plants that are around my house.

so the only difference is, that you don’t need to drill a big ol’ hole in the ground. but the drip line should end up at the highest point.

where do quaking aspen trees grow

A quaking aspen can be found near large agricultural fields and like all aspens, prefers full sun with fertile, moist soil. They can be found in the mid- to late-western U.S., with most also found in the Great Plains. Because of the trees’ easy to find location in most countries, the public is rarely bothered by the trees and don’t even consider the evergreen to be an invasive species.

In Iowa, the quaking aspen is native and has been cultivated for millennia for its large sugar-rich nuts. In the early 2000s, the trees began growing more commonly in the southeast part of the state and along the Arkansas River. In 2015, the aspens were identified as a species of special concern in areas of Iowa that are near agricultural crops and homes.

Aspen or Quaking aspen are diverse trees that grow up to 1,000 ft (300 m) in height. Their leaves are finely scaly and golden, with tips that resemble quills. The fruit is a pernicious fungus with a very hot, intensely poisonous compound on its surface that causes severe respiratory and circulatory system distress. When a tree is approached, the fruit will fly at a person. Because the quaking aspen has such a thick bark, the fungus can go unnoticed but the damage to the lungs and nervous system is severe.

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In the early 1950’s, there were very few quaking aspens in Iowa. However, more and more of these trees began to grow in the late 1960’s and 70’s as farmers were urged to find ways to use agricultural grains more efficiently. Several publications reported that because aspen grows so rapidly, it can be grown in large areas where the crops such as corn or grain sorghum can be grown, and therefore they can make more money. However, aspen will also produce a very large amount of an alkaloid called tetrodotoxin (trade name naphyrone).

Because of the worldwide popularity of the eating and making of coca leaves, many countries have outlawed the coca leaf for recreational or medical use. 

Where to buy quaking aspen trees

If you want to buy a quaking aspen tree, you have to know about the various traits that make them so unique. We’ll try to break it down by some important characteristics and ways to deal with each one.


Aquatic Aspen Trees are not self-supporting and must have a lot of water or soil moisture to survive. They also are fairly sensitive to cold weather and if not watered correctly, they can quickly die. You can also hurt your trees if you cut them. Fortunately, there are a few general guidelines that will help you find an aspen tree that will meet your needs:

Difficult to grow – usually occurs on very remote mountainsides or rocky hillsides. Most of the listed aspens are difficult to grow, requiring better rainfall.

– usually occurs on very remote mountainsides or rocky hillsides. Most of the listed aspens are difficult to grow, requiring better rainfall. Restricted plant life – will only grow at certain times of the year, so only plant them during the warmer months or in a given location.

How to germinate quaking aspen seeds

if you want to germinate a quaking aspen seed just remove the stems and cut them all the way to the base of the plant. chop off the top two stems leaving the roots intact, if you cut all the way to the base you will be leaving the base of the plant bare.

now cut your out the ends of the stems leaving the center part whole. if you want to plant your seed directly in the soil make sure you don’t cut around the outside part of the stems. the stems are sometimes protected with a small piece of wood from the trunk of the tree. it looks really strange if you cut all the way to the outer part of the stems. (the leaves), so don’t cut all the way to the inner stem, that is part of the larger stem that leaves the main stem naked.

So the name aspen stem refers to the tips of the trunks, not all of the branches. i don’t know of any plants that will grow to aspen above the canopy of the trees. trees grow tall as they get older. i know of a plant that grows aspens outside. he has a tree that grows aspens all the way to the ground.

take your strips of conifers and trunks and secure the ends of each strip to your tree. you can always cut your strip apart later, if your tree starts to wilt or give you trouble. if your aspen seedlings start to spin without you there is some theory that they may be pollinated by the rays of the sun on a clear day or some such. i don’t know.

now chop your aspen off to the base, the seeds are still in the seeds!


How to make a Bow

How to Make a Burlap Bow

The best way to make a burlap bow is to either to make it from its own fabric, or to import one from a piece of burlap that you have already. For those just starting, a wool burlap sack is a great first project. It will save you the expense of purchasing a finished piece and of learning how to weave a garment out of one. It will also give you an idea of the project that will come next. My preferred burlap sack comes in a 30-pound plastic bag and costs just $1.60.

Wool Burlap Sacks

Wool burlap sacks can range from rather large to very small. Many of the larger pieces are 3 to 5 feet in diameter and are put together with a burlap seam, similar to a buttonhole. One piece of burlap is sewn together in a manner similar to the two underpinnings of a boat or chair. There are also handkerchief-like pieces used to make various patterns. These pieces are quite economical, because you can select a size, cut it, sew it, and then fix the sewn seams to make an even piece. The smaller sizes are both fairly economical and very easy to make. If you don’t have any experience making that type of shawl, it should be a pretty easy first project. The above pictures show the 5 foot diameter stock shown above, and the 27 square foot bag shown below. For larger quantities, I suggest purchasing some wool-covered cotton burlap for use in your next project. Cotton burlap is also quite cheap and should be used if available. I actually cut a smaller bag into 1/2-inch squares to give myself an idea of how much such a bag would cost for larger quantities of burlap. You can find a large bag at most yard sales for less than $2.00. It’s a good idea to let your purchase sit for a while, so it can air-dry or cure.

To make a wrap burlap bag, place all of your squares in the middle and pull them right sides together.

At each corner fold back the top edges and start to round the corner.

How to Make A Bow Out Of Ribbon

The best way to make a bow out of ribbon with out using a bow tie or fabric scissors is to use yarn.

I find that the best way to get ribbons to unravel is by twisting yarn or using a crochet hook and a yarn needle. This is because when you use a string, the string can get tangled.

After twisting or pulling on yarn, the ribbon will begin to break away from the main bundle.

Step 1:

Start with a ribbon of your choice. When the ribbon is secure, cut or shape it into a cone, rectangle or square of your desired width.

Step 2:

Assemble the ribbon on top of the standing piece and tie the ribbon into a knot.

Step 3:

Sew the top and bottom edges of the bow into the standing piece. Assembling the bow together takes a little practice. I have a process for creating bow and weaving all of the pieces together.

How To Make A Christmas Bow

The best way to make a christmas bow is to tie a string around your kid’s back. This will take your family out of just talking about Christmas and get into playing. “I can’t wait to use my bow tie and they’ll love it. Love you Mom”

Another way is to mix a basket cloth, a little velcro, and baby yarn into a bow bow that you make from the beginning. They can stick it on their back when they are with their Dad. “I made my best friend a christmas bow”

Another way is to put the whole wrap that you’ll need around your kid’s back like a gift bag. Tie knots or pins on it. Remember to use rubber bands on the Velcro so that it doesn’t get pulled off. This makes it much harder to remove when you are done and leaves a pretty handmade gift in the end. “I got my children a gift bag wrapped with a christmas bow”

The last option is to bring on christmas and have a christmas bow on a necklace. This way there will be one more gift bag you will need to carry around and they will all be linked to it. You will never get rid of this gift, no matter what. “I got my son a Christmas necklace with a christmas bow on it”

You can find all kinds of Christmas bows here:

It will be SO good to see you all on my website! Happy Holidays!


Crescent Wrench

What is A Crescent Wrench?

A Crescent wrench is a small handle wrench with a long shaft. An end cap that can be used as a pry bar is attached to the end of the shaft. When unscrewed, it allows you to quickly pry up or open a sealed nut or bolts.

Crescent wrench Tips

Wide-routed sockets tend to be used more often than narrow-routed ones, and if you’re not using the Crescent wrench for your particular hole, the wider socket will fit more comfortably. This can cause problems if you use the Crescent wrench for something that is narrow-routed like a pinch bolt, tube nut, or barrel nut.

Other tips: tighten the wrench a good bit, and keep the small parts of the tube tube, tube nut, or barrel nut behind the end cap.

What does a crescent wrench look like

A crescent wrench, or screwdriver, has a thin, often tapered, edge that resembles a crescent moon. It is typically a steel type with a small cross-shaped cap.

photo: how to make a crescent wrench from a crescent wrench



How do you get your crescent wrench from the center to the edge?

use a hammer

How do you get your crescent wrench from the center to the edge?use a hammer tap your area with a flathead screwdriver . This type of hammer is easier to get in tight spaces.

There are many advantages to the cordless hammer. It’s more convenient to carry around and less cumbersome than an ergonomic pocket hammer. It also won’t bump into your person on the way to work.

use a table saw

A flathead screwdriver can’t dig into material like a table saw.

very short and narrow

a longer type of screwdriver won’t work in tight spaces

Use a pencil to track down the perfect size crescent wrench to fit. Use a longer or smaller wrench if you want a more compact model.

here is a suggested blade to use for steel crescent wrenches

Remember to always have one or two extra sets of pliers on hand. You’ll need them for everything from box pulls to tightening nuts.

Who invented the crescent wrench

Philip Dickens (1758–1837), the young immigrant from Jamaica who turned his blue-tick into a legendary wrench for sewing, is supposed to have had an affinity for making messes. Among those created in the wee hours of the morning and buried in the back yard, Dickens later wrote, “were webs of yarn and fagots of all sorts of sodden and rusty clotted things, which formed a thing of a scandalous and obscene sort, the fruit of that ignorance and miserable passion to raise a fuss.” It was a mostly powerless and insignificant gish gag.

Despite this self-inflicted disgrace, Dickens fell out of favor with his father’s sewing workers and was unlikely to be employable elsewhere. That he was to reinvent himself as a prominent inventor is also somewhat improbable, given that he was almost always known as an annoying, argumentative jerk. He and his brother Nicholas were mean-spirited and bored with the life of a gentleman. They seemed genuinely delighted when Mr. and Mrs. James wrote them from London inquiring how it would be possible to enter the trickery of making a crescent wrench as a girl. They promised them, “anything and you will be welcome, whether you make it in the labours of your house, or at Nucley in the smocks of some Tory tradesman.” Of their brothers and sisters, their mother said, “They were never to know what was pleasant for the others.”

The three boys liked the thought of opportunity and the prospect of a nasty surprise. They invented the clumsy toy as a means of making prank calls, which they applied to both adults and children. They also invented the Squirrel, a “goose-and-ghast sort of a thing” that is what the others would call a crescent wrench.

From about 1790, Peter in England and Calvin in America would study and obsess about strange and incredible inventions made by Dickens’s favorite brothers. 


Circle Beard

Want to enhance your beard at home? For this tip, I turn to men’s grooming retailer Ashley and Brown, who create classic, high-quality makeup products with the care and expertise of a local-but-flourishing small business. For all the same reasons, Ashley and Brown has no problem adding beard styling, as it is an entirely natural hair style that you don’t see every day.

To give you an idea of what beard styles are offered, we turned to their Customer Care Director, Jason Belding. As he explains in his words, “Beards are like kids in that they need to grow and the only way to do that is to allow it to. That’s why we have a wide variety of styles from basic shaves to full-on grower.”

Beard styling is offered in a variety of styles, so why not try them all. And for some additional tips, including how to keep your beard looking well-groomed and even growing better, check out the original post.

What is a circle beard?

A circle beard is that flat part of the beard closest to the hairline, which is generally a little longer than the remaining part of the beard (and the back of your head). Often the beard portion itself is rounded, but there are exceptions to this rule.

In the Hollywood world, a circle beard is often used to refer to actors with long bushy sideburns.

Can a circle beard occur at different ages?

A square beard is produced by a triangle development (where the angle between the hair line and the back of the head increases between ages 4 and 6), whereas a triangle beard is one where the angle increases between ages 2 and 5. The hairline generally declines as a circle beard progresses, but your friends and family might be surprised to hear that the age of the beard does not typically decrease as the beard grows.

Why do I have a circle beard?

Circle beards are a natural development and are very similar to square beards. The hair on the sides of your face tends to flow in towards the top of your face. This will naturally create a rounder beard.

Circle beards are often the result of prolonged neglect or neglect from a baby-sitter. When a baby’s hairline is below the fringe of the forehead, they can take a lot longer to develop a beard. A much more subtle explanation is that some people choose to shave their faces with a circular incision at the side, resulting in a smaller area for the growth to occur.

Here is some advice on how to grow a circle beard:

If you are a male and have less than a year of experience growing your beard then I would suggest that you grow a minimal amount of facial hair. The reason is that you need to find the best combination of you own ‘manliness’ with your facial hair regimen. Most men with facial hair growth have a ‘neck beard’. Neck beards are great to grow if you’re a musician, even though they won’t give you the power to punch holes in walls. Neck beards look great and they make men very uncomfortable when they come up to you and say, ‘look how much hair I have!’

We all know that the neck beard is a vanity article, one that gives off a feeling of power and masculinity that most of us adults don’t possess. The lack of ‘line of sight’ makes people think that our hair is pretty, even though no-one has the slightest clue what is hiding under our neck beards. That’s why you should not let the neck beard define who you are.

how to trim a circle beard

So you want to know how to trim a circle beard… well.

there is no silver bullet, just some recommendations to ensure good, smooth groomed beard.

– good facial hair. cut away all hair on the sides and back of the beard as it is cutting away from the face.

– keep beard neat and tight.

– for long or deep faces, let beard grow in and out with moving lips. this makes both the beard and face smooth and smooth.

– ftw! that is just a few recommendations. enjoy it.

please take this into account when you decide to grow a beard!

people call us bearded face lovers… but sometimes people just shave their face. hopefully this will help you enjoy your beard like never before!

And I want to tell you this – a world of difference, if you love your beard. If you love yourself,

If you love your beard,

This beard trimmer is for you!

Never feels like there’s a left hand,

Or right hand that the beard trimmer does.

The beard trimmer truly gives you the power,

To grow and change and bloom your beard to fit your needs.

how long does it take to grow a circle beard

Are there any best or most natural ways to grow a beard?

The average life span of a beard is 15 years, or until you get an ugly one, then 20. That’s according to Dr. Mark Pimentel, a cosmetic dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. This means if you go bald, it could take you 2 years longer to grow a beard again than it would to grow a normal one.

So, how long does it take to grow a beard? It’s a tough question, because not all individuals grow up to look like a Jack White or a Colton Haynes. Like with any styling, it starts with removing the old stuff first.

“You need to check your hair regimen. If you have a very thin layer of hairs, or if your routine is too aggressive, you need to make sure you take care of that,” Pimentel said. “Regular maintenance can help.”

The biggest thing to keep in mind is the weather, he said. Beards are best grown in summer months, when the dry heat of the desert becomes your friendly neighbors, and the temperatures don’t dip below 80


Beach Near Me

The closest pacific northwest beach near me is 10 miles from the mainland, so any visits here are sporadic. It’s not a good place to stay long-term, nor is it a good place to swim. The salt water and the so-called inlet conditions mean it’s a real minefield, too.

The beach comes in three shapes. The grassy area at the northern tip (which will hold the longest beach) was the home of Skarp Brewing in the 1990s, and it has been picked over and many buildings have disappeared. There is a large restaurant serving international food and drink. There is also an Umpire Museum (beach, 1230 Shore Ave.) and a Supercharger network terminal (beach, 12470 Shore Ave.) The new Supercharger network terminal, plus a number of hotels and restaurants, means that the beach and several of the parking lots are saturated. Plus, it’s an expensive day to go there from the mainland – it’s $11 roundtrip to the mainland from here, versus $8-$11 back to the beach from there. The island of Kauai is better, but again, your return trip will be more expensive.

Dog Beach Near Me

The closest pacific northwest dog beach near me is at Sunset Beach State Park. If you are from the the southwest they call it Runaway Bay and it is almost 40 miles away from me. I’ve never been and I didn’t want to be the first one to find out!

I also got this friend request while we were looking for an official thread. This is the closest google maps or another spot I could find to read this article, but if there are more exact locations let me know.

The Pacific Northwest is full of dog beaches. In fact, one of my favorite stretches is the Pacific Northwest. But not all dog beaches are that close together. These two beaches should serve as a good example.

Sunset Beach State Park is just north of Seattle on the coast. People often refer to this place as “Pacenote Beach” after their favorite catfish trap. Here you can find the Tahitian wallaby, the Amur leopard seal and a variety of other marine mammals.

The beach looks pretty isolated but if you are lucky you can get an glimpse of a killer whale and a pilot whale. The Tahitian wallaby doesn’t look that common here, but the Amur leopard seal and the Pacific right whale seem to do well.

One of the nicest things about this location is that you can get nice pictures of the dead humpback whale! There are only 3 humpback whales in the North Pacific (not including Alaska, which is in the Pacific), this is a rare chance to see them in action. Another nice part of this hike is the bay. Not only is it a beautiful bay to see through from the beach, but the fog along the horizon is quite beautiful. This is also a place that reminds me of the Black Rock beach trail in Oregon.

Sunset Beach is about 2 miles from the road. There is a parking area that can accommodate vehicles up to 8 people. The main camping area, at the end of the road is about 10 yards from the shore. There are several options for getting to the beach (both parking area and road). If you park on the beach you can climb up the rocks and walk to the parking area from the back of the park. That option is a little faster but it’s kind of cramped. From the road, the trail starts at the shoreline and is marked with a blue blazer. The trail goes about a quarter mile south on the road and then curves east. It comes to a bend where the trail turns south and continues on an easy, breezy gravel road for about 5 more miles.

In an effort to provide a very detailed hike, I’ve included photos of each step along the way. I tried to keep them to one page for easier navigation. If there are any errors or missing features please let me know so I can add them. Feel free to post a comment and I’ll update as necessary.

Beach Access Near Me

The closest pacific northwest beach access near me is a mile from the parking area. If you follow the red marker you will find the break. You will have the option to walk to the sand and find more sand or to take the small ferry across to the North Shore (there is no restroom or shower facilities). A 4+ mile hike down to the beach is estimated for us hikers.

The island is believed to be part of a larger island group. It has been brought to the surface over time.

If you would like me to let you know what beach is closest for you to me… please tell me what the closest beach is in a comment. This would be useful to know if you want to visit more than one, or especially if you live near a stop.

Beach Camping Near me

beach called the Chipman’s Beach.

Just outside of the town of Flagstaff, it is just a small strip of sand that extends into a backwater. The beach extends for only a few hundred feet as it borders the land of the Little Colorado River, which just happens to be one of my favorite places on the planet.

The Little Colorado River is a super important, but short, river that meanders through northeastern Arizona, most of the year. It is not great for swimming, but is a beautiful place to enjoy an afternoon with a picnic. The Little Colorado River, when dry, is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

It is formed by natural processes at the La Sal Mountains, in northeastern Arizona, as rain falls on the mountains. Instead of being water, it becomes snow. The slopes of the mountains constantly melt and release moisture, forming a drop, and the larger river that gushes down from the mountain out through the region. I guess it’s a bit like the Grand Canyon!

Every winter, the snow that falls in the La Sal Mountains is buried by snow that has fallen in the mountains to the east and released it through groundwater. So, every winter, the Little Colorado River feeds into the Little Colorado River that flows out of the Grand Canyon, and just flows over the Arkansas River to the beach.

Just a few feet of sand stretch out into the surf and on to our little campsite, overlooking the Little Colorado River.

The Little Colorado River is small, but as a storm system moves over Flagstaff, the flow into the river is huge. It is possible to go from 3-5 feet of water, to a foot and a half of water. The lagoon, which is close to the camp, also becomes 2-3 feet of water as the surge passes over the edge of the rock outcropping and down to the beach. I don’t know how long it takes the surge to reach the beach, but it can be quick.

Where Can I Find Beach bars near me

Many Beach bars are open from late October through the end of February. However, most, if not all, nightclubs are typically closed by the end of February due to winter beach weather conditions. Some bars are open for the summer but will close early in the fall. We do not list surf cafes and club bars in our search engine because they are very different from bars. If you do not know what to find, be sure to check out our Bailiwick Coffee & Tea list or the Beach Coffee & Tea list for a more comprehensive beach bar listing.

In the event you would like to rent a bar, you may see many rentals listed but we only accept cash or credit card for rentals in Bailiwick, Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you wish to rent a bar, please call us for specific information and we will gladly offer you a tour of any available beach bar.


Date Night Ideas

Some great date night ideas are:

Cooking at home for people you know who are vegan

Making a healthy and cheap grilled cheese or vegan taco.

Grocery shopping for people who aren’t vegan.

Baking vegan desserts.

Chocolate chip cookies

We did a whole post on vegan bake shop recipes in 2017, and this post will highlight some of our favorite vegan bake shop recipes for date night. In the 10ish years since I’ve become a vegan, I’ve eaten almost exclusively vegan food. Sometimes I even go to vegan restaurants, but that’s a situation where it feels inappropriate to include a vegan bake shop recipe. I can tell you that I’ve never seen vegan chocolate chip cookies and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to create this post.

It’s not easy to be vegan, especially when you are going out on a date night. It doesn’t really matter how well you are or how delicious your vegan dessert is if you are getting buried in food and aren’t able to take pictures. 

At home date night ideas

Some great at home date night ideas are going to involve mixing things up. In our modern, busy world, getting away to a romantic dinner in one’s own house can be a dream for many.

Among the most popular ideas involves trying out an unusual cooking dish. The older versions of this dish involved marrying a fish and a potato, but modern styles involve combining fruits, veggies and meat.

There are several ways of doing this, all making use of tomato sauce. Most recipes are vegetarian, but a few dishes are explicitly meat-free.

The suggested ingredients are only the bare minimum required to bring home a meal on the table. What do you choose instead?

Cooking Dinner

This is a no-brainer. For some dishes, you don’t really have to add any more ingredients to get a delicious dinner. Try your hand at a tomato soup with lettuce, fresh bread or raw vegan cheese. There are some vegetarian varieties that are completely free of cheese, usually you’ll need a handful of diced tomatoes in addition to the usual roasted veggies.

With season on the way, here’s a hearty recipe for some of the best date night party snacks you can make. Cold meals and snacks are a great way to use up your date night leftover. This chilli eggplant was made by combining two of my favorite healthy food item – avocado and eggplant.

The chilled guacamole recipe with a cilantro vinaigrette has an added kick and is a perfect summer treat. With three grilled cheese’s on the side, you can follow that up with another option of the grilled eggplant.

If you’re feeling fancy and want to keep the size to a minimum, you can serve these warm enchiladas with grilled cheese.

DIY Candle Making

The following DIY candle may not come with candles at all, but you can leave the candles and then a sheet or blanket to add that extra layer of decor to make your special night even more special.

I learned how to make candles from my friend Natalie, who loves to get the kids involved in craft projects. She once surprised us at a party by pulling the zipper off my cozy old coat with a candle in it. Natalie’s mother, Carol, was always into saving other people’s fingers and last night, she had no other choice than to buy two 6-inch candles. (She chose them because they are usually sold out of the same size.)

We gathered around the fire, and made Candle Bunches in the middle of our blanket, which was for sale on eBay. “We were all in love,” Carol explained.

Of course, one of our guests, Natasha, wanted to light up the bunches and had to sneak out the back to light up in a small safe with a coin at the end.

date night dinner ideas

Some great date night dinner ideas are creative slow cook-ups or dinner arrangements that do not rely on a feast day, which is perfect for a big weeknight dinner. It’s so easy to put together dinners for any date night, and to make sure your date has the most memorable meal you’re going to ever have.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite date night dinner ideas:

The Chicken Shawarma. If you’re still dating someone you met through work, you know it can be hard to skip over the meat and the fattiness that comes with it. This recipe helps eliminate both. In the words of the kids who can’t finish it when they can eat everything, “Definitely meatless!”

This chicken shawarma recipe is simple and amazing. I love that I can create an amazing twist to the standard chicken shawarma recipe that can be eaten with everything from pita wraps to a soft rice pilaf. (If you’re looking for a dinner that falls in between all the other barbecue staples like chicken fingers, ribs, and pulled pork, I recommend trying this!)


Furniture Repair

If you are trying to learn about furniture repair, furniture turning, cabinets turning, or half-bench operations, it might be helpful to read about the types of shop tools that are available to you.

Most furniture shops will have a variety of tools, including a piano lathe, portable drill press, portable circular saw, a router table, and others. It is a good idea to get familiar with them before you decide whether you want to learn more about them, or whether you might prefer to purchase them.

Note: Before you read any further, it is worth noting that shop tools are referred to by brand names, like Roebuck and Big M, rather than by brand names like Makita and Stanley. Although certain brands of shop tools may be comparable to others, like Dewalt and Stanley, they may not have all of the features that come standard with shop tools, so always read the reviews and descriptions before you decide what you would like to purchase.

Leather Furniture Repair

to begin your leather furniture repair and restoration experience or purchase complete leather furniture repair and restoration services. Please read below for comprehensive leather furniture installation instructions, the stages of leather furniture restoration, tips on leather furniture restoration, and more.

Find More Leather Fixtures, Sofa, and Matching Furniture in Made to Measure

Find Leather Fixtures, Sofa, and Matching Furniture in Our Online Inventory

Standard Setup

Interior Ease

Prepping New Leather Furniture

Pliny Thesis, Archeology, and History

How Leather Functions, and How to Use It

Hand Cleaning Leather Furniture

Raising Your Price

Yardage and Storage

Prepping The Furniture

Installation Work

From The Raw, to Finished Up

Traditional Leather Restoration

Bonded Leather Furniture Restoration

Unclaimed Leather Furniture Restoration

About us

At Joe’s Leather Service, we pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship and understanding the needs of the individual homeowner. We follow proven methodologies and instructions to keep your leather furniture looking new and new-ish.

Like many other companies, we deal with both new leather furniture that is newly purchased and has not been properly cared for, or new, used leather furniture. We work with your furniture to turn it into a working, working piece of leather furniture.

We are dedicated to the task of restoring all your leather furniture. And at Joe’s Leather Service, we bring knowledge, labor, and money together to complete the task. We are an experienced repair workshop dedicated to take a piece of our clients’ antique leather furniture that has been sitting on the shelf in its garage or basement, and turn it into a beautiful working leather furniture.

We understand that repairing and restoring is a time consuming and costly process, but we understand the importance of your leather furniture and with the technology and quality methods we have available to us, we can take your leather furniture to the next level. 

Wood Furniture Repair & Restoration

You don’t have to be a carpenter to restore and repair wood furniture. You just need the skills and time to get the job done. At Mountain Wood Custom Wood Shop, we will give you the experience to work on any style of furniture, as well as the tools to get the job done. With over 20 years of woodworking experience, our staff has the right equipment and knowledge to safely repair and restore your wood furniture.

Wood Furniture Repair & Restoration by Mountain Wood Custom Wood Shop is available for select Asian, European, and Western furniture styles. If you’re in need of a new sideboard, cabinet, or dining table, look no further than our store.

We are now accepting online orders for wood furniture repairs & restoration. Orders are accepted through our e-commerce site, or on-site in our Mountain Wood Custom Wood Shop located at 225 S. Rose St., Herndon, VA 20170. Make sure to visit our store for retail service and free wood-working instruction. If you are in the Herndon, Virginia area and need a wood shop for woodwork, then stop by our store today to learn more about our wood repair and restoration services and woodworking instruction.

Antique Furniture Repair

How much is your money worth? Find out at antique furniture repair parts. Our staff is here to assist you with any repair or replacement needs. Our company was established over 23 years ago in New Jersey, by brothers in arms Gary and Jim Jacobs, the friendly, old-school quality that we preach remains strong. We offer you our incredible selection of antique furniture parts, labor rates that are some of the best in the industry, and the commitment to excellence that you won’t find anywhere else.

The best value on the internet

We have a considerable inventory of antique furniture parts that is unparalleled in the industry.

One of the features that make us superior is our custom size ordering service. We will show you exact quantities for the part you need, and we will price the parts to your exact specifications. We will follow up on your order, over the phone or online. Need a specific part for an antique console or an antique television? No problem. Our artisan engineers will tune up your part and verify that it is your exact specifications before it gets shipped out. In fact, many times, the custom-made part will come back better than the original. Our most highly honored customers include TV shows on VH1 and The History Channel. Call today to learn how we can make your love of antique furniture systems and components your lifelong passion.

Experienced experts

Gary and Jim Jacobs are an experienced team who have given up their careers to build this company from the ground up. They have over 20 years of combined experience and years of being very hands on in the process of repairing antique furniture. Their time on the job is spent repairing expensive historic pieces such as the typewriter at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, repairing large ovens, and even restoring seats from old luxury automobiles.

Our staff are highly trained and know all of the modern systems that make restoring furniture systems so effortless. 

How To Repair Scratched Furniture

So, it’s taken an awful lot of effort to repair the piano damaged by my wife’s fingernail. When you’ve picked up the piano and removed the shavings of its stained wood surface, all you find is a few screws, one wheel, and a couple of piano keys. Forgive me, but I wanted the old piano to have its good looks.

That’s why, back in November 2013, I took a trip to my local Lowe’s and bought a pair of Ryobi XR-20s with the warranty on them. I purchased these ultra-thick, heavy-duty, geared, sawzall blades for $20 at a local outdoor store, and about two months later, they arrived at my house.

Ryurography staff who repair my computer keyboards and chairs often use these blades when repairing your old furniture. These 25-cent blades are smooth, blade-like pieces of stainless steel with a big, 12-inch handle. It’s not uncommon to buy the XR-20s because they’re built to survive, and they also take a lot of abuse from folks who toss around heavy objects on them, make holes in them, smash things in them with hammers, etc. You don’t have to worry about the blades breaking because the handles slide back and forth, giving you plenty of leverage.

Having used these blades for nearly two years now, I figured it was time to put the damaged piano back together again. The exact procedures I used are given below, with some info about “rust” and “staining.”

Rust and Staining

I started with an anti-rust spray, but I only used it about four times. It’s not necessary, but if you do have to use one, it can really improve the results of the finish treatment by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, spores, rust, and dendrites.

First, I followed the suggestions in the “Stepping-stone” article for getting the old wood straight. I just taped a piece of cardboard over the piano keys (or a piece of scrap wood, if you’re less fancy) and put the cardboard on top of it. This will let all the liquid resin drip off of the keys.



What should I wear hiking?

Hiking clothes are crucial to make the ultimate outdoor experience in Utah more enjoyable. There are a lot of options that you can wear that are appropriate for hiking and you’ll want to start in a comfortable, basic hiking outfit.

Tip: If you have experienced a non-technical injury from climbing or hiking in some time, you might want to limit your hiking clothes to only those with real high levels of durability. Such as: a Gore-Tex lined rain shell with waterproof/breathable interior, a dry coat, a jacket, and waterproof/breathable pants. Many of these items can be found in the REI backcountry shop at REI on a lower price point for a pack with low weight.

Men’s Hiking

What is the best hiking shorts?

There are a lot of ways to think about hiking shorts, from modern trail running shorts that are specifically designed for travel or down vests that might be just a little bit too long. A good thing to do is go for something that’s versatile, but we can’t stress enough that more versatility equals more comfort. Here’s a guide to the top hiking shorts for men:

Bear Creek Outfitters Men’s AT Varsity Short Dry Top This is our favorite hiking short for most men. This is not the kind of short that will get scratched easily, or move around too much to you, but it will definitely be durable. This will give you the best options on shorter distances and the color and design will look great at camp. Give this the feature of shorts that make you feel comfortable and have style in one. Are you in need of a shorter shirt, which is basically a version of the men’s hoody? Try our Men’s Hoody Dry Short. We have an update on this product now that it is our Official AT Hoody that our customers have been asking for since early 2014. Add on a few inches and you’ll be able to add warmth to your day hiking.

Hiker Things Men’s Hoody

Green Peak Canvas Men’s Hoody Dry This hoody is a popular option for the active outdoors person. Why? It has low weight and is water resistant. This is a shorty that is made of cotton canvas that goes beyond basic hiking clothing in a way that you wouldn’t expect. This one also adds warmth and protection in colder weather.

Hiker Things Men’s REI-recommended XLCive Hooded (Thermal) Parka Dry Super feature packed, but not the warmest for winter. It comes with an alternative material that helps absorb the moisture away. It can be used for any time of the year in a variety of weather conditions. The UV and wind resistant material also can help protect against sand and other river waters.

How does a longer than average hiking shirt fit?

If you are a bit bigger, this question will become more important. We usually do not want to have an item that is more than slightly too long, and it also shouldn’t look like a baggy down coat, especially if you are a male. Here’s what you should look for if you have a larger frame:

Loftilos Rough Out Men’s Trail Running Short What it is: a shirt that’s actually great for hiking, with a brief taper at the bottom to make it more athletic. Why you want it: It’s thin and thin makes it feel great in the wind. It has both a touch screen at the cuff, and lots of pockets. We have been wearing it for a while and appreciate it for the functionality and easy to use.

Tresana Men’s AGS One-Piece Short Dry This shirt is kind of a collection. This is the only short you would want to own. It’s designed to have plenty of breathability, and the fit is great. The fit around the torso is a bit slimmer than what you would find in a regular short but still you have plenty of options.

Extra-large size long running shorts

Depending on your shoulders and build, you might need longer than average running shorts. Here’s what we recommend:

Long Mountain Running Shorts (Poly/spandex) Oversize This is another run short for big guys with a purpose. It has some length to it that allows you to move around without being in you torso, and the fit is not too tight.

Orb 2 Wool Pull-on Ski Shorts With Armor Our favorite fabric and design for these shorts. They come with a secure zipper, and are super comfy. It’s always great to have additional options to make you feel more confident on the trail.

How do you have an AT – MTC-PV outdoors outing in the forest?

There are options, and they all work! We offer several types of hiking shorts for adults that have had the working models made in USA, including our latest Shorter-Fit option in New England.

Airtight zip at the top to keep your feet dry at the top of the hike

Relaxed fit so you can adjust it to your frame

Larger than average length so your legs are never cramped

Can be worn in high winds, and high water, and can be worn in a variety of weather conditions

Attached to a waist belt, so you can customize your fit

Longer than average length so your legs are never cramped.

Medium elastic waist and a mild stretch material on the lower leg. These may feel tight, but they will soften with time.


Rubber Badger Hits The Radio Airwaves

Rubber badger hit the radio airwaves. In a stunt to promote our website on the pacific northwest lifestyle we played our web-only first single in the “radio sink”. In this mode the music being played is not tuned in to a radio station, it is digitized in the most crude of formats from cassette tapes and vinyl records, fed into the amplifiers and then cranked up to a semi-permanent 40,000 watts output at a frequency of approximately 145.95 MHz. Our tiny piece of radio-subterfuge was featured on a local Seattle radio station along with some heavy metal bands playing a gig at the Warfield theatre. As well, we were offered a spot as an invited guest on the on air commercial showcase. Many call this radio site the “Music and Media Blog” as it acts as a “collective music experience” and updates its followers in real time. We write a lot about the Pacific Northwest music scene, and also write about what is happening in music today.

pianodhatch has just returned to his home state of Oregon. He and a friend were lucky enough to sit in with L.A.W. to give an impromptu acoustic set. Check out his clip below:

L.A.W. played a few songs, including Hellz Yutz, a fan favorite, which he and rad played live in 2013. It’s great to see him and his band perform after a long hiatus. He’s recently been in the studio recording another new album, called At the Traffic Light.

Last night, I shared some tunes from our “Rubber Badger Radio Spot” with Josh Feeny, aka Foxy on Portland’s Q95.9. He liked it so much he decided to play the rest of our album on the station this morning. I can’t tell you how much this means to us and we are honoured. We were totally blown away. We hope to have a new video up on our site and our following continues to grow, as well as the new album being released.

I also started to become excited about our next album a few weeks ago. Here is the first cut from the new EP:

As I finish up this post, I am off to DJ a classic rock program on the mid-day time slot. Later today, Josh Feeny and I will be playing the album in sequence, followed by our new song for an acoustic set.