Date Night Ideas

Some great date night ideas are:

Cooking at home for people you know who are vegan

Making a healthy and cheap grilled cheese or vegan taco.

Grocery shopping for people who aren’t vegan.

Baking vegan desserts.

Chocolate chip cookies

We did a whole post on vegan bake shop recipes in 2017, and this post will highlight some of our favorite vegan bake shop recipes for date night. In the 10ish years since I’ve become a vegan, I’ve eaten almost exclusively vegan food. Sometimes I even go to vegan restaurants, but that’s a situation where it feels inappropriate to include a vegan bake shop recipe. I can tell you that I’ve never seen vegan chocolate chip cookies and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to create this post.

It’s not easy to be vegan, especially when you are going out on a date night. It doesn’t really matter how well you are or how delicious your vegan dessert is if you are getting buried in food and aren’t able to take pictures. 

At home date night ideas

Some great at home date night ideas are going to involve mixing things up. In our modern, busy world, getting away to a romantic dinner in one’s own house can be a dream for many.

Among the most popular ideas involves trying out an unusual cooking dish. The older versions of this dish involved marrying a fish and a potato, but modern styles involve combining fruits, veggies and meat.

There are several ways of doing this, all making use of tomato sauce. Most recipes are vegetarian, but a few dishes are explicitly meat-free.

The suggested ingredients are only the bare minimum required to bring home a meal on the table. What do you choose instead?

Cooking Dinner

This is a no-brainer. For some dishes, you don’t really have to add any more ingredients to get a delicious dinner. Try your hand at a tomato soup with lettuce, fresh bread or raw vegan cheese. There are some vegetarian varieties that are completely free of cheese, usually you’ll need a handful of diced tomatoes in addition to the usual roasted veggies.

With season on the way, here’s a hearty recipe for some of the best date night party snacks you can make. Cold meals and snacks are a great way to use up your date night leftover. This chilli eggplant was made by combining two of my favorite healthy food item – avocado and eggplant.

The chilled guacamole recipe with a cilantro vinaigrette has an added kick and is a perfect summer treat. With three grilled cheese’s on the side, you can follow that up with another option of the grilled eggplant.

If you’re feeling fancy and want to keep the size to a minimum, you can serve these warm enchiladas with grilled cheese.

DIY Candle Making

The following DIY candle may not come with candles at all, but you can leave the candles and then a sheet or blanket to add that extra layer of decor to make your special night even more special.

I learned how to make candles from my friend Natalie, who loves to get the kids involved in craft projects. She once surprised us at a party by pulling the zipper off my cozy old coat with a candle in it. Natalie’s mother, Carol, was always into saving other people’s fingers and last night, she had no other choice than to buy two 6-inch candles. (She chose them because they are usually sold out of the same size.)

We gathered around the fire, and made Candle Bunches in the middle of our blanket, which was for sale on eBay. “We were all in love,” Carol explained.

Of course, one of our guests, Natasha, wanted to light up the bunches and had to sneak out the back to light up in a small safe with a coin at the end.

date night dinner ideas

Some great date night dinner ideas are creative slow cook-ups or dinner arrangements that do not rely on a feast day, which is perfect for a big weeknight dinner. It’s so easy to put together dinners for any date night, and to make sure your date has the most memorable meal you’re going to ever have.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite date night dinner ideas:

The Chicken Shawarma. If you’re still dating someone you met through work, you know it can be hard to skip over the meat and the fattiness that comes with it. This recipe helps eliminate both. In the words of the kids who can’t finish it when they can eat everything, “Definitely meatless!”

This chicken shawarma recipe is simple and amazing. I love that I can create an amazing twist to the standard chicken shawarma recipe that can be eaten with everything from pita wraps to a soft rice pilaf. (If you’re looking for a dinner that falls in between all the other barbecue staples like chicken fingers, ribs, and pulled pork, I recommend trying this!)

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