Furniture Repair

If you are trying to learn about furniture repair, furniture turning, cabinets turning, or half-bench operations, it might be helpful to read about the types of shop tools that are available to you.

Most furniture shops will have a variety of tools, including a piano lathe, portable drill press, portable circular saw, a router table, and others. It is a good idea to get familiar with them before you decide whether you want to learn more about them, or whether you might prefer to purchase them.

Note: Before you read any further, it is worth noting that shop tools are referred to by brand names, like Roebuck and Big M, rather than by brand names like Makita and Stanley. Although certain brands of shop tools may be comparable to others, like Dewalt and Stanley, they may not have all of the features that come standard with shop tools, so always read the reviews and descriptions before you decide what you would like to purchase.

Leather Furniture Repair

to begin your leather furniture repair and restoration experience or purchase complete leather furniture repair and restoration services. Please read below for comprehensive leather furniture installation instructions, the stages of leather furniture restoration, tips on leather furniture restoration, and more.

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Standard Setup

Interior Ease

Prepping New Leather Furniture

Pliny Thesis, Archeology, and History

How Leather Functions, and How to Use It

Hand Cleaning Leather Furniture

Raising Your Price

Yardage and Storage

Prepping The Furniture

Installation Work

From The Raw, to Finished Up

Traditional Leather Restoration

Bonded Leather Furniture Restoration

Unclaimed Leather Furniture Restoration

About us

At Joe’s Leather Service, we pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship and understanding the needs of the individual homeowner. We follow proven methodologies and instructions to keep your leather furniture looking new and new-ish.

Like many other companies, we deal with both new leather furniture that is newly purchased and has not been properly cared for, or new, used leather furniture. We work with your furniture to turn it into a working, working piece of leather furniture.

We are dedicated to the task of restoring all your leather furniture. And at Joe’s Leather Service, we bring knowledge, labor, and money together to complete the task. We are an experienced repair workshop dedicated to take a piece of our clients’ antique leather furniture that has been sitting on the shelf in its garage or basement, and turn it into a beautiful working leather furniture.

We understand that repairing and restoring is a time consuming and costly process, but we understand the importance of your leather furniture and with the technology and quality methods we have available to us, we can take your leather furniture to the next level. 

Wood Furniture Repair & Restoration

You don’t have to be a carpenter to restore and repair wood furniture. You just need the skills and time to get the job done. At Mountain Wood Custom Wood Shop, we will give you the experience to work on any style of furniture, as well as the tools to get the job done. With over 20 years of woodworking experience, our staff has the right equipment and knowledge to safely repair and restore your wood furniture.

Wood Furniture Repair & Restoration by Mountain Wood Custom Wood Shop is available for select Asian, European, and Western furniture styles. If you’re in need of a new sideboard, cabinet, or dining table, look no further than our store.

We are now accepting online orders for wood furniture repairs & restoration. Orders are accepted through our e-commerce site, or on-site in our Mountain Wood Custom Wood Shop located at 225 S. Rose St., Herndon, VA 20170. Make sure to visit our store for retail service and free wood-working instruction. If you are in the Herndon, Virginia area and need a wood shop for woodwork, then stop by our store today to learn more about our wood repair and restoration services and woodworking instruction.

Antique Furniture Repair

How much is your money worth? Find out at antique furniture repair parts. Our staff is here to assist you with any repair or replacement needs. Our company was established over 23 years ago in New Jersey, by brothers in arms Gary and Jim Jacobs, the friendly, old-school quality that we preach remains strong. We offer you our incredible selection of antique furniture parts, labor rates that are some of the best in the industry, and the commitment to excellence that you won’t find anywhere else.

The best value on the internet

We have a considerable inventory of antique furniture parts that is unparalleled in the industry.

One of the features that make us superior is our custom size ordering service. We will show you exact quantities for the part you need, and we will price the parts to your exact specifications. We will follow up on your order, over the phone or online. Need a specific part for an antique console or an antique television? No problem. Our artisan engineers will tune up your part and verify that it is your exact specifications before it gets shipped out. In fact, many times, the custom-made part will come back better than the original. Our most highly honored customers include TV shows on VH1 and The History Channel. Call today to learn how we can make your love of antique furniture systems and components your lifelong passion.

Experienced experts

Gary and Jim Jacobs are an experienced team who have given up their careers to build this company from the ground up. They have over 20 years of combined experience and years of being very hands on in the process of repairing antique furniture. Their time on the job is spent repairing expensive historic pieces such as the typewriter at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, repairing large ovens, and even restoring seats from old luxury automobiles.

Our staff are highly trained and know all of the modern systems that make restoring furniture systems so effortless. 

How To Repair Scratched Furniture

So, it’s taken an awful lot of effort to repair the piano damaged by my wife’s fingernail. When you’ve picked up the piano and removed the shavings of its stained wood surface, all you find is a few screws, one wheel, and a couple of piano keys. Forgive me, but I wanted the old piano to have its good looks.

That’s why, back in November 2013, I took a trip to my local Lowe’s and bought a pair of Ryobi XR-20s with the warranty on them. I purchased these ultra-thick, heavy-duty, geared, sawzall blades for $20 at a local outdoor store, and about two months later, they arrived at my house.

Ryurography staff who repair my computer keyboards and chairs often use these blades when repairing your old furniture. These 25-cent blades are smooth, blade-like pieces of stainless steel with a big, 12-inch handle. It’s not uncommon to buy the XR-20s because they’re built to survive, and they also take a lot of abuse from folks who toss around heavy objects on them, make holes in them, smash things in them with hammers, etc. You don’t have to worry about the blades breaking because the handles slide back and forth, giving you plenty of leverage.

Having used these blades for nearly two years now, I figured it was time to put the damaged piano back together again. The exact procedures I used are given below, with some info about “rust” and “staining.”

Rust and Staining

I started with an anti-rust spray, but I only used it about four times. It’s not necessary, but if you do have to use one, it can really improve the results of the finish treatment by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, spores, rust, and dendrites.

First, I followed the suggestions in the “Stepping-stone” article for getting the old wood straight. I just taped a piece of cardboard over the piano keys (or a piece of scrap wood, if you’re less fancy) and put the cardboard on top of it. This will let all the liquid resin drip off of the keys.

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