What should I wear hiking?

Hiking clothes are crucial to make the ultimate outdoor experience in Utah more enjoyable. There are a lot of options that you can wear that are appropriate for hiking and you’ll want to start in a comfortable, basic hiking outfit.

Tip: If you have experienced a non-technical injury from climbing or hiking in some time, you might want to limit your hiking clothes to only those with real high levels of durability. Such as: a Gore-Tex lined rain shell with waterproof/breathable interior, a dry coat, a jacket, and waterproof/breathable pants. Many of these items can be found in the REI backcountry shop at REI on a lower price point for a pack with low weight.

Men’s Hiking

What is the best hiking shorts?

There are a lot of ways to think about hiking shorts, from modern trail running shorts that are specifically designed for travel or down vests that might be just a little bit too long. A good thing to do is go for something that’s versatile, but we can’t stress enough that more versatility equals more comfort. Here’s a guide to the top hiking shorts for men:

Bear Creek Outfitters Men’s AT Varsity Short Dry Top This is our favorite hiking short for most men. This is not the kind of short that will get scratched easily, or move around too much to you, but it will definitely be durable. This will give you the best options on shorter distances and the color and design will look great at camp. Give this the feature of shorts that make you feel comfortable and have style in one. Are you in need of a shorter shirt, which is basically a version of the men’s hoody? Try our Men’s Hoody Dry Short. We have an update on this product now that it is our Official AT Hoody that our customers have been asking for since early 2014. Add on a few inches and you’ll be able to add warmth to your day hiking.

Hiker Things Men’s Hoody

Green Peak Canvas Men’s Hoody Dry This hoody is a popular option for the active outdoors person. Why? It has low weight and is water resistant. This is a shorty that is made of cotton canvas that goes beyond basic hiking clothing in a way that you wouldn’t expect. This one also adds warmth and protection in colder weather.

Hiker Things Men’s REI-recommended XLCive Hooded (Thermal) Parka Dry Super feature packed, but not the warmest for winter. It comes with an alternative material that helps absorb the moisture away. It can be used for any time of the year in a variety of weather conditions. The UV and wind resistant material also can help protect against sand and other river waters.

How does a longer than average hiking shirt fit?

If you are a bit bigger, this question will become more important. We usually do not want to have an item that is more than slightly too long, and it also shouldn’t look like a baggy down coat, especially if you are a male. Here’s what you should look for if you have a larger frame:

Loftilos Rough Out Men’s Trail Running Short What it is: a shirt that’s actually great for hiking, with a brief taper at the bottom to make it more athletic. Why you want it: It’s thin and thin makes it feel great in the wind. It has both a touch screen at the cuff, and lots of pockets. We have been wearing it for a while and appreciate it for the functionality and easy to use.

Tresana Men’s AGS One-Piece Short Dry This shirt is kind of a collection. This is the only short you would want to own. It’s designed to have plenty of breathability, and the fit is great. The fit around the torso is a bit slimmer than what you would find in a regular short but still you have plenty of options.

Extra-large size long running shorts

Depending on your shoulders and build, you might need longer than average running shorts. Here’s what we recommend:

Long Mountain Running Shorts (Poly/spandex) Oversize This is another run short for big guys with a purpose. It has some length to it that allows you to move around without being in you torso, and the fit is not too tight.

Orb 2 Wool Pull-on Ski Shorts With Armor Our favorite fabric and design for these shorts. They come with a secure zipper, and are super comfy. It’s always great to have additional options to make you feel more confident on the trail.

How do you have an AT – MTC-PV outdoors outing in the forest?

There are options, and they all work! We offer several types of hiking shorts for adults that have had the working models made in USA, including our latest Shorter-Fit option in New England.

Airtight zip at the top to keep your feet dry at the top of the hike

Relaxed fit so you can adjust it to your frame

Larger than average length so your legs are never cramped

Can be worn in high winds, and high water, and can be worn in a variety of weather conditions

Attached to a waist belt, so you can customize your fit

Longer than average length so your legs are never cramped.

Medium elastic waist and a mild stretch material on the lower leg. These may feel tight, but they will soften with time.

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