How to make a Bow

How to Make a Burlap Bow

The best way to make a burlap bow is to either to make it from its own fabric, or to import one from a piece of burlap that you have already. For those just starting, a wool burlap sack is a great first project. It will save you the expense of purchasing a finished piece and of learning how to weave a garment out of one. It will also give you an idea of the project that will come next. My preferred burlap sack comes in a 30-pound plastic bag and costs just $1.60.

Wool Burlap Sacks

Wool burlap sacks can range from rather large to very small. Many of the larger pieces are 3 to 5 feet in diameter and are put together with a burlap seam, similar to a buttonhole. One piece of burlap is sewn together in a manner similar to the two underpinnings of a boat or chair. There are also handkerchief-like pieces used to make various patterns. These pieces are quite economical, because you can select a size, cut it, sew it, and then fix the sewn seams to make an even piece. The smaller sizes are both fairly economical and very easy to make. If you don’t have any experience making that type of shawl, it should be a pretty easy first project. The above pictures show the 5 foot diameter stock shown above, and the 27 square foot bag shown below. For larger quantities, I suggest purchasing some wool-covered cotton burlap for use in your next project. Cotton burlap is also quite cheap and should be used if available. I actually cut a smaller bag into 1/2-inch squares to give myself an idea of how much such a bag would cost for larger quantities of burlap. You can find a large bag at most yard sales for less than $2.00. It’s a good idea to let your purchase sit for a while, so it can air-dry or cure.

To make a wrap burlap bag, place all of your squares in the middle and pull them right sides together.

At each corner fold back the top edges and start to round the corner.

How to Make A Bow Out Of Ribbon

The best way to make a bow out of ribbon with out using a bow tie or fabric scissors is to use yarn.

I find that the best way to get ribbons to unravel is by twisting yarn or using a crochet hook and a yarn needle. This is because when you use a string, the string can get tangled.

After twisting or pulling on yarn, the ribbon will begin to break away from the main bundle.

Step 1:

Start with a ribbon of your choice. When the ribbon is secure, cut or shape it into a cone, rectangle or square of your desired width.

Step 2:

Assemble the ribbon on top of the standing piece and tie the ribbon into a knot.

Step 3:

Sew the top and bottom edges of the bow into the standing piece. Assembling the bow together takes a little practice. I have a process for creating bow and weaving all of the pieces together.

How To Make A Christmas Bow

The best way to make a christmas bow is to tie a string around your kid’s back. This will take your family out of just talking about Christmas and get into playing. “I can’t wait to use my bow tie and they’ll love it. Love you Mom”

Another way is to mix a basket cloth, a little velcro, and baby yarn into a bow bow that you make from the beginning. They can stick it on their back when they are with their Dad. “I made my best friend a christmas bow”

Another way is to put the whole wrap that you’ll need around your kid’s back like a gift bag. Tie knots or pins on it. Remember to use rubber bands on the Velcro so that it doesn’t get pulled off. This makes it much harder to remove when you are done and leaves a pretty handmade gift in the end. “I got my children a gift bag wrapped with a christmas bow”

The last option is to bring on christmas and have a christmas bow on a necklace. This way there will be one more gift bag you will need to carry around and they will all be linked to it. You will never get rid of this gift, no matter what. “I got my son a Christmas necklace with a christmas bow on it”

You can find all kinds of Christmas bows here:

It will be SO good to see you all on my website! Happy Holidays!

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