Social Style Dance

Social style dance (also known as social dance or school dance) is a dance that was developed to keep both physical and mental balance. Usually it’s done with both people. Social dance is what it is now in the first place as a few kids tried it. This is going to be a hands-on activity for an hour, one on one. The best way to introduce social style dance is to make one of the first moves. This will give them the feel of what it is all about. They will get that out of the way. Now it’s time to move and groove. The leader will provide cues and turns and let the participant keep a rhythmic feel while changing the levels of intensity. They will have to figure it out on their own how to feel it. This class is suitable for all ages, with very few steps. In order to feel it, you need to try it. This class is in large group; it may not be the best for beginners or children. It will be at a moderate to fast pace. Cost: $8/person; $30/family

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